Category: Healthcare Trends

patient-centered care model with physician and female patient

Shifting to Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care (PCC) is defined as caring for patients in a valuable way. Physicians are called to involve and inform…

information transparency in healthcare

The Importance of Information Transparency in Healthcare

Transparency of information is an expectation for consumers. Various industries are adopting this “trend,” – including healthcare. Patients want to…

keyboard with disability website accessibility button

The Importance of Website Accessibility for Healthcare Practices

Have you ever thought about how a patient must feel if they cannot access the information on your website? It…

tech updates for healthcare practices

Tech Updates for the Healthcare Industry (that Patients Actually Want!)

As technology advances and evolves, the healthcare industry is seeing a surge in new and innovative tools and techniques designed…

happy patient experience in waiting room

5 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

A decade ago, providing high-quality care was all it took to grow a successful healthcare practice. These days, it takes…

providing human touch in digital world

Providing a Human Touch in a Digital World

Practices and patients alike are busier than ever, and the way that healthcare practices are run has been rapidly changing….

healthcare provider checklist for success

Healthcare Practice Checklist for Success

A smart, professional, and reputable online footprint is important for healthcare practices to stay afloat in 2022. Patients and providers…

social media trends on laptop

Social Media Trends for Healthcare to Watch in 2022

With over 4 billion people active on social media in 2022, it’s important for your healthcare practice to maintain a…

healthcare industry challenges

Healthcare Industry Challenges Predicted for 2022

The American healthcare industry is enormous and consistently growing. Industry forecasts predict that it will grow to $8.7 trillion by…

Local SEO healthcare trends

Focusing on Local SEO: Healthcare Trends

Modern healthcare providers don’t rely on “old world” or traditional marketing to attract new patients. They are finding other ways…

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