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high-quality reviews on Google

How to Get More High-Quality Reviews on Google

As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of maintaining a stellar reputation to attract and retain patients. In today’s…

online reputation

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

When you work in the healthcare industry, your online reputation matters. You work with patients who depend on you, so…

power of patient testimonials

The Value of Patient Testimonials

Patient reviews and testimonials are reliable and effective ways to grow your business. When your customers speak directly to you…

providing human touch in digital world

Providing a Human Touch in a Digital World

Practices and patients alike are busier than ever, and the way that healthcare practices are run has been rapidly changing….

online reputation management

Is Online Reputation Management Worth It?

When a person Googles your business, do you know what they’ll find? 80% of Americans go on the internet these…

improving your practice's online reputation

Proven Methods to Improve Your Practice’s Online Reputation

In today’s society, a business’s online reputation means everything. Gone are the days of flipping through a phone book to…

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