Automated Text Message Campaigns to Educate Patients on Procedures

Patients don’t want to undergo a procedure they don’t know anything about. Valet AutoPilot is an automated text message solution designed to educate prospective and/or existing patients about a specific procedure. Drive engagement through videos & online form captures to build case study volume and awareness. This solution provides personalized automated text message campaigns and QR code campaigns that lead to practice branded landing pages specific to the procedure.

SMS Marketing Messages are 78% More Effective Than Email Marketing

AutoPilot increases the open rate of your campaigns as opposed to traditional email marketing campaigns. The average open rate for an SMS campaign is as high as 98%, while email campaigns typically max out around 20%. Text messages are delivered directly to the recipients’ phones and have a much higher visibility rate - usually opened within 3 minutes of being received. (source)

Opt-in Through QR Code Campaign

For existing patients, their education journey begins in-office. Practice-branded QR codes at the front desk encourage patients to opt-in to the SMS campaign while they are checking in for an appointment. In 2022, 70% of consumers in the United States subscribe to some kind of SMS campaign. Using a QR code on your in-office marketing collateral can boost your opt-in rates and increase conversions. (source)

Behavior Based

With AutoPilot, your customers are not going to be inundated with text message campaigns. In fact, it’s strictly behavior-based. This means that if your patient clicks on the link to watch a video or submit an online form after the first text, they will only get that one text. The goal of these SMS messaging campaigns is to convert leads to patients, as effectively as possible. AutoPilot ensures that the communication flow leads to higher rates of interaction.

Boost Retention and Patient Engagement

The goal of AutoPilot campaigns is to lead your new and existing patients to branded landing pages with practice-specific information about the new procedure. These landing pages, which are accessed through the SMS marketing campaign, educate patients through education, video, and success stories.

Designed to Convert

The sequence of the AutoPilot automated messages is designed to convert patients through an online form that is sent to your practice. This form is on a specific landing page created for this text message campaign. When a patient calls from the practice-branded landing page, their call is labeled with a campaign-specific call-tracking number so the effectiveness of the campaign can be tracked and recorded. This solution captures high quality leads through data mining and information extraction to target the most qualified candidates.

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