Website Hosting & Software Upgrades

Valet Basecamp provides a turnkey website hosting management solution on a best-in-class cloud infrastructure, backed by Valet specialists operating behind the scenes to take care of all framework upgrades and software updates. The result is a secure, speedy, and positive online experience for your patients.

Daily Malware & Vulnerability Scans

New threats in the form of malware and vulnerabilities grow and change everyday. We provide scans and monitoring so that we can stay ahead and catch issues if they happen.

Daily Backups

While it's rare, things can go wrong. Having a list of backups available to restore functionality or data to your live website is incredibly valuable to have.

Responsive Support

Simple changes and adjustments are provided for you. Simply write into our support team and ask. You send in your requests for content updates or addition of a new team member for example, and our team does it for you. If the request requires more effort, we'll provide options and pathways to accomplishing what you need. Your website lives on a machine provided by a service. This service provides all the hardware, software, and updates to keep your website available and presented to the world. We set up the entire website hosting service for you and ensure all is running correctly.

Our tech support team boasts a 99% SATISFACTION RATING!

Brands that Trust Valet

with managing their websites at scale with premier digital tech infrastructure & quality support

New Valet Basecamp clients:

Receive a free website migration to the Valet Health cloud hosting infrastructure.

Our team has experience in successfully handling 3,000+ website migrations. Don’t let your website speed and online experience be an afterthought. Your patient experience matters, your online reputation matters, and our Valet Basecamp tech support team has got your back.