Benefits of a WebMD Enhanced Profile

WebMD is the most trusted source when it comes to healthcare information. Approximately 70% of adults use WebMD before making a decision regarding their health. Having an Enhanced Profile on WebMD can put your practice in front of a larger audience and increase your online visibility. A fully managed and optimized listing can help you stand out against your competitors and others on the website.

Why an Enhanced Profile is Important

Whether it’s a stomach ache, chronic migraines, or an old sports injury, patients are turning to the internet to learn more about their medical condition with WebMD being the trusted source. WebMD takes the patient from content to care by helping the patients find doctors in their area. Once a person has narrowed down the search of physicians near them, 72% of adults in the U.S. claim they read reviews and look at physician ratings before making an appointment. 

Online reviews are important. In the medical profession, customers are often searching for a practice when they are in need. It’s critical that your profile is the first one they see. It’s also critical that they see positive reviews and a high rating. Positive reviews build trust and are powerful in portraying your practice to potential patients. WebMD Enhanced Profiles make your practice stand out but also help aggregate data from your patients to make getting positive reviews easier. 

When creating an Enhanced Profile, you’ll fill out your practice information, but also include a headshot – which will help you stand out among the thousands of other doctors with a gray avatar. Giving you potential patient audience a “face to go with the name” goes a long way in creating confidence and increases the probability of them making an appointment.

But these are the only reasons a WebMD Enhanced Profile is important. We’ve gathered some of the benefits of creating this type of profile below:

Benefits of Having a WebMD Enhanced Profile

An Enhanced Profile gives your practice an edge over your competitors by placing your profile at the top of the results page. It also places your practice in one of the top three positions in your specialty for your geographic region. Having this type of profile on WebMD also helps you rank higher in Google search results.

No Competitor Advertisements

Your practice has a lot of competition online. Standard listings have a sponsored results section that features other practices on their pages. With an Enhanced Profile, all competitor advertisements are blocked. This means potential patients will only see your listing and practice information. This increases the chances of consumers making an appointment with your practice. Having an Enhanced Profile also means your practice will appear in the sponsored section of your competitors’ listings. 

Appointment Requests

A WebMD Enhanced Profile helps patients make appointments seamlessly with their HIPAA-compliant appointment request forms. Patients can book appointments directly through your profile with just one click. Valet Health helps increase the visibility and includes how many patients booked appointments through their Enhanced Profile on monthly reporting. 

How We Can Help

Valet Health is proud to announce its partnership with WebMD for practices and physicians who sign up for LaunchPad services. This partnership gives LaunchPad members a fully-managed Enhanced Profile on the WebMD.

LaunchPad provides physicians with white-glove service and local listing management. Ensuring your practice information is correct and updated is critical to your digital success. 78% of practices have incorrect information on their local listings sites like Google and WebMD. Valet Health solves the problem of wrong information by reducing physician online profile error rates down to 0%. This eliminates patient confusion, increases patient referrals, and helps search engines provide more accurate results for your physicians and practice location.