Grow a Successful Practice Offering Orthobiologics with Valet Health and Plymouth Medical

Plymouth Medical, the leading source of evidence-based orthobiologics product solutions, has partnered with Valet Health, the ROI-driven digital platform for new patient acquisition, to deliver digital marketing services for their clients.

Valet Health and Plymouth Medical collectively provide a comprehensive support system from both clinical and digital marketing vantage points, so clients can focus on doing what they do best without worrying about the efficacy of clinical products or how to improve their online visibility.

This is further enhanced by unique relationships such as:

Valet Health and WebMD Care
Driving additional visibility to physicians through enhanced physician profiles on WebMD with new patient data attribution and ROI measurement

Plymouth Medical and DataBiologics
Allows providers to track the safety and efficacy of Orthobiologic treatments with easy patient enrollment and automatic survey assignment

This partnership can help elevate your practice with vetted, data-driven solutions.

About Plymouth Medical

Plymouth Medical specializes in a wide array of evidence-based products spanning the therapeutic continuum from Hyaluronic Acid to FDA-compliant, minimally manipulated autologous cell therapies and devices. Specializing in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Pain Management while also marketing our products to Dermatology, Plastics, Esthetics, Urology, and OBGYN providers. Plymouth Medical forges enduring customer relationships by consistently delivering value as well as an ever-growing product catalog of legitimate, evidence-based products. Learn more at