Introducing AutoPilot: Connecting with Patients Through SMS Messaging

Did you know that 70% of consumers in the United States are subscribed to a text message marketing campaign? This number is expected to climb by the year 2025. SMS marketing campaigns are an effective way to educate and inform consumers about new products and industry news. And with a 90% open rate, why not use SMS campaigns for your healthcare practice?

Valet Health launched its newest digital marketing solution for healthcare practices: AutoPilot. This automated text message solution educates prospective new and existing patients about specific procedures with practice-branded text messages and educational landing pages. The ultimate goal of this communication flow is to increase higher rates of interaction, which leads to increased patient volume. 

The Effectiveness of SMS Messaging

There are approximately 6.65 billion smartphone users in the world. Two-thirds of Americans with smartphones check their devices over 160 times a day. Compare that to the number of times those same people check their email. The average person checks their email only 15 times a day. If you compare the open rates between email and SMS marketing campaigns, SMS messaging is a clear winner. Close to 100% of people open text messages, whereas only 20% of your email recipients will click to open your email.

Think about it. Text messages send automatic notifications to a person’s phone. Our natural response is to look at our phones and check the message almost instantly; this is a default setting on most mobile devices. With email, a person has to physically open their app and scroll through a host of promotional emails and updates. 

How Text Campaigns Engage Patients

Attract qualified patients and educate them about treatment offerings through text message campaigns. There’s no denying that healthcare and technological advances make excellent partners – so take advantage of your resources.

Increase communication with your patient by utilizing text message campaigns. Smartphone education and communication can increase patient care by 70% because text messages are an engaging platform. They are actionable and straightforward. When a person receives a text message, over 60% of users open that message within 5 minutes. There is a direct correlation between the rate of people who open messages and time – by the time a text message has been sitting in a person’s inbox for over 2 hours, the open rate is only 6%. It is an immediate reaction to open texts when they come to your phone. 

When the open rate increases, the click-through rate also increases. The average click-through rate of an SMS campaign is close to 80%, with a conversion rate of 45%. The effectiveness of sending a text message marketing campaign makes the investment worth it. These campaigns empower patients to advocate for their health, increasing the odds of finding relief from their chronic condition.

The AutoPilot Solution

AutoPilot takes the effectiveness of text message marketing campaigns and pairs them with personalized marketing tactics designed to target specific audiences within your patient base. Announce your practice’s new, innovative treatments to a targeted group of patients with Valet Health‘s SMS marketing campaign solution: AutoPilot.