The Online Patient Journey

The majority of patients start their journey by finding and comparing providers online. Extensive research is done as consumers evaluate several providers before making an appointment. It's time to set yourself apart and reach potential patients with valuable content. It's time for Liftoff!

Expand Your Reach as an Industry Thought Leader

Having specific, unique content on your website marks you as a resource in your field, your reputation will be attached to these digital publications and they will expand your reach. Get found and know what is driving growth, why, and what Valet Liftoff experts are doing next to level up your presence.

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

All physicians, regardless of their speciality, require credentials and licenses – most patients don’t pay close attention, but they do care about the trustworthiness and level of care they receive. Providers who demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to their patients through valuable content are more likely to be trusted.

Content Marketing for Physicians

When you partner with Valet Health, our content specialists craft new content so you don't have to.

  • Dedicated team of experienced writers
  • Unique content with your practice in mind
  • Comprehensive content marketing roadmap
  • Focus on patient population segments
  • Unique posts shared across social media
  • Level up your organic SEO
  • Frequent discoveries through ongoing analysis
  • Monthly reporting

Lift your practice brand to new heights and finally see measurable growth.

Valet Liftoff is a robust content marketing optimization approach that helps physicians systematically increase their visibility in search engines and social channels to educate potential new patients and engage existing patients. Finally, get content that influences action and get it done for you.