Utilizing Voice Search for Your Healthcare Practice

Did you know? 46% of Americans are using the voice search function on their smartphones. It’s an effective and quick way to get answers, and it has made its way into the medical world, offering healthcare providers and patients a wide range of tools and capabilities. It has also changed how we access and use healthcare, considering that today’s healthcare consumers want instant answers and actions. Due to this, healthcare practice owners are warming up to the idea and partnering with digital marketing firms to include voice searches in their systems.

Like Siri or Alexa, users get accurate and quick results for their medical questions. Medical practice owners optimize the answers on their website or content based on voice search data analysis and keyword search. Users eliminate the need and time to type lengthy and specific questions to get the necessary information. 

What is Voice Search?

A voice search is when you use sound or voice to initiate an internet search. It helps eliminate a layer of effort, enabling consumers to leverage technology to answer or find out more about a question. Its functionality uses ASR to change voice signals into text.


Voice Search for Healthcare

It helps patients and users to locate your practice through commands such as “Search for the nearest hospital in the area.” Healthcare practice managers use these structured questions to optimize their marketing campaigns and increase online traffic.

Getting accurate and quick results when you type in your search engine could take time and extra modifications to get your answer. Voice searches ease the complexities or bring specificity to your inquiries by introducing a conversational way to get your search results. It allows your patients to use quick questions to locate your practice.

Why Should You Use Voice Search in Your Healthcare Practice?

Voice searches allow patients to get an instant and accurate answer to any questions posed. Your Healthcare IT team should improve search engine rankings for users to get instant and helpful information. This makes it a powerful marketing tool in the industry.

Empower your users/patients with the proper knowledge by adjusting your SEO marketing campaign and embracing voice searches. Voice search is the future of digital technology, but it also improves your website’s accessibility for those with disabilities. 


Improves Your Marketing

Voice-assisted searches in your website and content set you up for a bright future. More people, old and young, are turning to voice searches to find places or complete tasks. You’ll expand your customer base when you focus your web or content marketing on picking up on the voice searches in your health field.

Using voice searches helps you improve your Google rankings which is a good move for your marketing campaign. Users will quickly find your website and services extending your impact and influence. With increased online visibility, you’ll increase your sales and brand popularity.


Optimizes Your SEO

Voice searches are switching SEO focus from using short and simple keywords to optimizing your website. People are more descriptive and detailed when using voices to initiate a conversation during the search. Using voice searches helps your medical practice to adjust the SEO optimization tools to incorporate both techniques to improve your SEO impact on both fronts. It also increases your internet visibility, influencing your customer base and lead conversion.

How to Tailor Your Website for Voice Search

Below are a few steps to get you started:

  • Focus on the target keywords
  • Build out a content strategy
  • Use a conversational language
  • Capture Google’s featured snippets
  • Use a schema markup
  • Keep your site fast 

Optimize Voice Search in Your Healthcare

Voice searches are the future of marketing and technology. The tech framework is already in place, and healthcare providers are working with digital marketing firms to improve their voice searches. These improvements bring success to your marketing, sales, and online presence. Valet Health has digital marketing systems designed to help improve your marketing quality and strategy. Contact our team if you are ready to optimize your content for voice search.