Valet Health & DataBiologics Combined Value For Data-Driven Physicians

Valet Health, a healthcare digital marketing company, comes together in a strategic partnership with DataBiologics, a robust data collection platform for tracking patient outcomes. This overall support solution is specifically designed for data-driven physicians offering orthobiologics and minimally-invasive procedures.

Across a rapidly changing landscape, regenerative physician experts today must rise above the noise to educate consumers on the success of orthobiologic patient outcomes. There is a prevalence of unqualified providers aggressively marketing and offering illegitimate regenerative procedures in markets across the nation. The FDA continues to crack down on disreputable clinics and as such, educating consumers on quality and evidenced-based care is key.

Valet Health and Data Biologics Partner to Reach Regenerative Medicine Experts

Dr. Gerard Malanga of New Jersey Regenerative Institute and Co-Founder of DataBiologics expresses, “My vision was to create a service where doctors across the country can collect valuable insights into the success of their regenerative procedures. With DataBiologics, we’ve done just that. We’re also proud to be partnering with healthcare technology companies who share our goals of making medicine in the 21st century easier and better for patients. Our strategic partnership with Valet Health empowers clinics with end-to-end support to manage online reputation, improve digital marketing performance and establish patient communication hubs in a data-driven methodology.”

Matty Crescenzo, Founder & President of Valet Health, states “Stronger as one, Valet Health and DataBiologics are now providing a combined packaged solution for data-driven physician experts through optimization of online physician profiles and increased visibility to capture new patient referrals along with data collection and patient outcomes analysis from the DataBiologics platform. This dovetails with our overarching mission of connecting patients to highest quality in evidence-based care.”

Reaching Data-Driven Physicians

Recently at the TOBI 2020 Virtual Conference, Valet Health and physician leaders from DataBiologics engaged in meaningful discussions with physicians across the world regarding innovations in orthobiologic procedures and how technology is positively impacting the delivery of healthcare, especially amidst a unique climate like this in the world.

Dr. Christopher Rogers of San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group and Co-Founder of DataBiologics shares “DataBiologics has developed the world’s first international registry dedicated solely to patients who have received orthobiologic treatments. I use this unbiased data in my practice everyday, to help patients make informed medical decisions. DataBiologics physician members will soon have access to ‘real world data’ not available anywhere else. This information accelerates our understanding of best practices and will facilitate the standardization of regenerative medicine therapy.”

Valet Health whole-heartedly supports the science of orthobiologics and also delivers digital marketing support solutions to elevate the online visibility of research-focused physician leaders. This ultimately helps to connect patients to their physicians across the therapeutic journey.

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