5 Ways You Can Improve Your Healthcare Social Media

Forbes communication council shows that approximately 89% of patients with a college degree and 70% of high school-educated internet users rely on the internet for health-related information. Among those influenced by online information during their last health information search, 70% stated that it impacted their treatment decisions. Therefore, even if your current patient volume is satisfactory, digital marketing remains essential to maintain brand recall among existing clients and attract potential clients to engage with and reach out to your practice.

Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs to be Active on Social Media

Social media platforms offer an unprecedented opportunity to connect with existing patients and reach new ones. Here are a few reasons from the National Library of Medicine study why your healthcare practice should establish an active presence on social media:

1. Improved Patient Engagement

Social media platforms give a direct line of communication with your patients. Engaging with them through comments, messages, and personalized responses creates a sense of trust and fosters patient loyalty.

2. Targeted Advertising

Social media platforms offer powerful targeting tools that allow you to reach specific demographics and patients more likely to be interested in your services. By utilizing these tools effectively, you can maximize the impact of your advertising efforts and ensure that your message reaches the right audience.

3. Enhance Brand Visibility

Implementing digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and content marketing can significantly improve your online visibility. When potential clients search for healthcare-related information, a strong online presence increases your practice the chances of appearing in their search results.

4. Establish Thought Leadership

Sharing valuable and informative content through blog posts, social media platforms, and email newsletters positions your practice as a trusted authority in the medical practice field. 

5 Ways You Can Do Better on Social Media to Promote Your Practice

To improve your social media presence and effectively promote your practice, AAFB  recommends you consider implementing these five strategies:

  • Develop a Content Strategy: Plan and create a content calendar to ensure consistent posting. Share valuable and relevant content that educates, entertains, or informs your audience through articles, videos, infographics, and patient testimonials to keep your feed engaging.
  • Optimize Your Profiles: Ensure your healthcare social media profiles are complete, accurate, and consistent across platforms. Use professional visuals like your practice logo or team photos. Craft a concise and compelling bio that effectively communicates your practice’s unique value proposition.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Actively respond to comments, messages, and reviews on time. Show genuine interest in your audience’s concerns and questions, providing helpful and informative responses. Encourage user-generated content through contests or by featuring patient testimonials.
  • Utilize Visual Content: Visuals attract attention and engagement on social media. In that case, create eye-catching and relevant visuals that align with your healthcare brand identity. 
  • Track and Analyze Performance: Utilize social media analytics tools to monitor post and campaign performance. Analyze metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions.

How Can Valet Health Help Improve Your Healthcare Social Media?

At Valet Health, we understand the unique challenges healthcare practices like yours face in managing social media platforms. Our professionals specialize in social media marketing for healthcare providers, helping you to:

  • Ensure the accuracy of your doctors’ online information while cultivating a consistent flow of positive reviews through Valet Launchpad.
  • Market your healthcare facility with a Merit-based approach.
  • Craft new content from content specialists.
  • Manage all the parts of your targeted campaigns.

Be included in this life-changing healthcare initiative. Contact Valet Health today to learn how our tailored solutions can support your practice’s social media success by getting in touch with our team.