Who We Are

Valet Heath was founded on the inspiration to help efficiently connect patients to quality care. What Valet Health does goes far beyond a typical digital marketing platform solution for physicians. Our team is attentive, responsive, and above all, selfless.

We provide white-glove, valet experiences to our clients to ensure true value delivered as our team becomes woven in to the fabric of our client’s practices. The digital world is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and our team is here to help navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape while giving you peace of mind that reaching and digitally connecting to your patients is a top priority. 

What We Do 

What Valet Health offers is a solution to a growing gap in the healthcare online market. Patients are taking on the role as consumers. In fact, 4 out of 5 U.S. adults use the internet to research physicians and clinics online before making an appointment. The issue, however, is this: 78% of provider and clinic information is wrong. This makes it difficult for potential patients to make a smart, educated decision when choosing their medical providers. 

Simply put, Valet Health solution connects patients with quality care. starting first with our foundational solution offering called Valet LaunchPad.  Our specialized expertise in both healthcare and technology makes our services the smart solution for data-driven executives who are searching for a competitive edge and seeking smarter, more efficient ways to grow. The Valet Health team works together as one to create value and deliver quality results for each client, treating your business like its our very own. 

Our Values

At the core of all we do is servant leadership which has inspired our core value model: S.T.A.C.K. 


We are committed to working tirelessly and selflessly in order to provide outstanding service and the best results to you. Collectively, our team has extensive experience – whether we are developing patient engagement campaigns, business strategies, modeling analytics data, or anything else in between. It’s this passion for our service to others that allows us to whole-heartedly do what we do. 

Our team understands the challenges and needs of the healthcare industry. We are able to adapt and prioritize campaigns to mirror the needs and strategic objectives of your business model. Our flexibility and adaptability ensures you and your practice receive the most relevant, effective content, ads, and turn-key services, regardless of how the digital world evolves. 

This is only possible through a truly open and collaborative partnership we strive to have with each physician and practice. We don’t only provide what services we think you will benefit from, but we dive deeply into your practice to tailor the support approach cross-functionally across marketing, technology, and operations. 

Our Services


With LaunchPad, doctors are able to make a better impression to potential patients online. At a fraction of the cost of our competitors, LaunchPad offers full-service online reputation management that ensures 1) physician online profiles data accuracy and 2) a larger volume of quality, positive patient reviews for their practice.

Our full-service offering includes management of online profiles across an expansive network, reducing physician online profile errors rates down to 0%. This including claiming and creating profiles across 46+ health review and local listing sites. Our strategic partnership with WebMD has helped physicians grow their base of new patient referrals, using our proprietary data-driven platform for audience targeting.


At the very core of every online reputation is a physician and practice’s website. Basecamp is a fully-managed hosting platform that ensures your website is accessible, secure, and speedy. If a website is slow to load, there is a greater chance of losing potential patients.

With tech support overseeing your website performance, framework, and software, your patients are guaranteed to have a secure, positive user experience.

Valet Basecamp is a done-for-you service that combines back-end tasks, framework structuring, software updates, website content management, and online security which are all proactively addressed.


Liftoff attracts organic traffic volume by focusing on patient education through a strategic, personalized content strategy. We provide a fresh stream of relevant, useful, and carefully curated content to your website, blog, and social media.

Successfully attracting the right kind of traffic to your website can be difficult without a data-driven plan in place to grow across digital channels. Our team creates a omni-channel strategy based on existing patient population data, segmentation, journey maps, as part of a comprehensive approach to a true digital program roadmap.

This increased to attention to organic, on-page and link referral traffic is a centerpiece to delivering a tangible ROI from Liftoff.


Sync keeps all your patient leads and contacts in a single CRM database, making it easier to see prospect + existing patient contact information, current sales stage, emails that have been sent and opened, completed online appointment forms, and lifecycle history on each contact.

Leads are automatically prioritized and organized to ensure that no lead gets left behind. This systemic approach allows all tasks and followup notifications to be stored in one place, instead of using a spreadsheet.

Sync is able to automatically deliver personalized messages, educational resources, appointment reminders, news, updates, and more about your practice. When a patient is ready to make a decision about choosing a medical provider, your practice will be one step ahead of your competitors.


A practice cannot improve what it does not measure. Metrix uses an algorithmic solution that combines market insights, competitor analytics, and trending digital content to reach and capture new patients. This data-driven approach empowers our team to successfully generate new patient leads to help practices modify patient mix.

Data drives actionable tasks and growth so we can report on true, accurate measures of cost per acquisition of new patients and the ROI of each campaign. Reach out to us here to get started and also message Dave Bowen or Matty Crescenzo directly on LinkedIn at anytime.

We are thankful for your interest in Valet Health and look forward to connecting!