Valet Health Mid-Year Update from Our CEO

Over the past couple of years, the landscape of communicating with patients has changed dramatically. With COVID-19 altering how patients access the information, we have seen a significant increase in digital traffic. 

How Valet Health Has Evolved

Valet Health has continued to evolve with these changing times to provide our clients with services that will meet prospective patients where they are searching digitally. Our unique partnership with WebMD as part of our LaunchPad program has proven an outstanding resource for all specialties. WebMD, in my opinion, is the number one self-diagnosing site in the world. Once a patient realizes they need a Dr the next obvious step is their “Find A Dr. Near Me” feature that locates physicians treating the conditions they have searched.

The Proof is in the Numbers

On average, across all Valet Health clients nationally, WebMD leads convert to patient visits 16% of the time. Google My Business and WebMD listings, managed by our LaunchPad program, with appointment request landing pages have produced 3,440 leads in 2021, converting at 12%; the ROI for LaunchPad is a no-brainer for physicians of all specialties.

However, there isn’t just one silver bullet in the gun when it comes to a digital strategy. All things must tie together and be consistent to ensure appropriate rankings in search engines. That is where our Social Media Management and Liftoff programs come into play. So far in 2021, we have posted 3,720 times on Social Media Platforms.  Our Liftoff service curates custom blog posts on industry-trending topics to engage and educate patients on the treatments our client’s practices provide. These two programs have created over 27 million impressions over approximately 648 blog posts for our clients nationally to date.

Once you have your foundation in place, demand generation through Google Ads and Facebook Lead Ads is the next natural progression to achieve your growth goals in new patients. Our extensive expertise in this area has allowed us to increase new patients and deliver the type of patients our practices want to acquire.

Our team manages:

Website 18%
GMB 12%
WebMD 16%
Google Ads 10%
Facebook Lead Ads 8%

To learn more about Valet Health and how we may be able to provide service to your medical practice, contact us today! Our team can help sustainably grow your practice & provide your patients with ongoing education about your specialty.

About our CEO

Dave Bowen joined Valet Health in 2018 and serves as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Valet Health, Dave was the CEO and President of Automated HealthCare Solutions (AHCS); a private equity-owned healthcare technology company. During Dave’s 10-year tenure at AHCS, he played a key role in the business’s evolution in the healthcare technology market. In 2008, he was appointed as the Chairman of Florida’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Foundation, where he served for 10 years. Dave was also one of the original founders of the Physician’s Research Institute. That has helped bring physicians together to tackle legislative issues threatening the quality of care patients receive. He also founded the Celebrity Amputee Golf Classic, which has provided funding and support for children, special forces military personnel, and amputee athletic teams for the past 18 years.