The Importance of Information Transparency in Healthcare

Transparency of information is an expectation for consumers. Various industries are adopting this “trend,” – including healthcare. Patients want to have access to their medical information in a user-friendly way, which in turn, is becoming crucial for healthcare practices to grow.

Information Transparency in the Healthcare Industry

Information transparency in healthcare is open, honest communication between the healthcare system, employees, and patients. This includes access to information about conditions, costs, insurance coverage, or information about healthcare options, or the care they are receiving. When healthcare systems provide open lines of communication and are transparent, patients can make better informed medical decisions regarding their treatment options and providers.

The “age of information” is upon us, and patients and family members can find the answers to any question they have or any healthcare topic with the touch of their finger. Smartphones are at the forefront of the need for transparency. Access to healthcare portals, Google, social media, and local listings raises the importance of online reviews and ratings of medical practices. Whether good or bad, that information is available for patients and consumers looking for a new physician.

Did You Know? 74% of people on the internet are active on social media, and 80% have used social media to find healthcare-related information. By managing, The more transparent your practice can be, the better.

This includes things like:

  • Cost of services
  • Insurance information
  • Practice information
  • Values and standards
  • Compliance
  • Policies and Standards

How Can I Implement Transparency?

Transparency begins with the employees – within a healthcare organization. Inform them of important news and changes that are coming. The more information they have, the more valued they feel as employees. Your staff will also be able to serve patients better if they know what is happening within the organization.

Patient engagement is a considerable player in information transparency. Face-to-face interactions, in-office visits, and automated patient reminders are all excellent touch-points to inform and educate your patients. The more your patients know, the more comfortable and trusting they will feel in your care. This includes information about billing systems, physician changes, hours of operation, or anything that could potentially affect their continued care.

Giving Your Patients Value with Open Communication

If you’re unsure how to implement transparency with your patients and employees, we’re sharing a few marketing techniques that can help:

  1. Mobile- and Use-Friendly Website. Your patients want to find information quickly about your practice – and according to a study, 67% of people use their smartphones to find healthcare information online. Include data like a mission statement, patient testimonials, and anything educational or crucial for potential patients to know.
  2. Social Platforms. Internet searches for healthcare information have increased by 60% in the last decade, and 74% of those patients turn to social media. Keeping your social profiles updated with hours, contact information, industry news, and relevant content is vital. Be sure to interact with comments, messages, and reviews, even if they are negative.
  3. Unique Blog Posts. Create content that is unique to your industry and practice. Position yourself as an educational resource for potential and existing patients regarding treatments, conditions, and industry news that affects their care.
  4. Local Listing Profiles. Google has over 3.5 billion daily searches, not including any other search engines. Keep your local listings like Yelp, Healthgrades, and Google Business Profile updated with crucial practice information. This is frequently the first step in a patient’s journey, so you want to offer them every piece of information they are looking for to make an educated decision regarding their medical care. Optimizing your profile with local keywords will ensure that patients in your area find your practice efficiently.