The Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide for 2021

Everyone is asking, when should we order corporate gifts for the holiday season? The team at Valet Health is here to answer all your questions. Let’s talk about holiday gifting for 2021!

When should you order? 

In short, as early as possible. Based on what we have seen so far with shipping delays and inventory, if you want to guarantee that you will have corporate gifts for the holidays, we recommend ordering as early as you can. Many wait until early December to get into the gift-giving spirit but based on what we’ve seen so far with shipping delays and inventory. If you want to show your appreciation to employees and referral sources before the end of the year, order as early as you can.

We don’t have a specific cut-off date to share, but our team will do our best to provide the best options for your needs. Keep in mind you may need to buffer some extra time for packaging and shipping. So again – the earlier, the better!  

Looking for a Corporate Gift Guide?

Wondering what you should order for your referral sources? Your employees? Or maybe you have questions about this year’s most popular items? 

We put together your white-glove guide to 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas!